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How It All Began

When my sister and I were younger, our dad would shoo us out of the kitchen as he laid the marinade ingredients out across the table. The mixing magic would begin as we waited eagerly.  The next couple of days, patience came into play. But once the humming of the 5 tray dehydrator began,  eventually replacing its sound with the scent of mouth-watering aromas, the patience and waiting was at its end. 

This began my love for Jerky. Over the past year, I have created incredible and natural recipes from scratch, and I am so thrilled to be sharing them with you. 

I hope that you will enjoy and crave my creations as much as our family and friends have for generations. 

Check out our About Page for more of my story and feel free to contact for questions and ordering! 


Much love and cheers!

Check out our Products in the menu dropdown for mouthwatering descriptions of the flavours available right now for order, purchase and snacking!



Hinton, Alberta

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